söndag 31 oktober 2010

Sons Of Soul

Jens Dünkelberg (MRS) underskattad frilansare gjorde intervjun 1991 för fanzinet SOUL.

måndag 25 januari 2010

My Name

Cracky-K,Q´Desh,Reggae Boy and some other weird names
where used during my search for a "streetname".It wasn´t until a
few nights out when some people stated that I was totally "crazy".

Fellow friend and inspiration Crazy Eric just dropped it one day;
- Crazy suits you perfect !

And from that day it was the deal.

(The name has been used and abused since 1984.)

I used Dj Crazy Cut only beacause I loved to cut in stuff in my mixes.

About 10 years later I was adviced
to spell crazy with a "K".