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The Music That Made The Diffrence

I use to find the b-sides on many of my records as my favorites. One in particular that I have saved to this day is The Box Tops "Happy days" (www.boxtops.com).

This song is very short but it contains the same idea I have about music today. There´s a wierd but very catchy groove in this song that gives me the same satisfaction 35 years later.

Reggae music changed my life, I think it was this version of "The Swanlake" that opened my mind for it.

But is was mostlikely the basslines at Gröna Lund when Bob Marley & The Wailers played 1977 that built my foundation of music.

Can anyone remember if he did play "Natural mystic"?


And where did I end up then?

In the eighties when I was picked on for listening too Kraftwerk,Heaven 17,Jah Thomas,Aswad,Big Youth,Dub or instrumental reggae, I noticed that I was listening to grooves and fx.
Maybe it was my love for cartoons and animated movies that made me listen to sound engineers who gave birth to dub or edits.

(My first record that I purchased was Aswad "A new chapter of dub", I didn´t know this was an instrumental record and today I rate it as my favorite album of all time.)

Dubmusic was like an adventure, if the dubversion was good then certainly the vocal was classic !

And what a terrible era it was or was it,the 80´s ?!?

I had been influenced by friends who was Punkrockers,I´ve been smelling the smoke of cigarrs meanwhile Blues,Jazz and other contemporary sounds filled the air but I was always in the hunt for more.

From Bill Hayley & The Comets, The Monkeys, Willie Dixon, J.B.Lenoir,Ray Charles, The Parliament,Third World,Bob Marley,Jah Shaka,King Tubby,James Brown,Miles Davis, Hashim,Herbie Hancock,Trouble Funk and Grandmaster Flash. There was no end was there ?

The missunderstood sound of syntherziers and drummachines made a almost vulgar entry to the world of music. This was in the end of the 70´s and it was heard in early Electro and creative Popmusic.

Even to this day I rate the Roland Juno Series, Jupiter,Oberheim,Kurtzweil and Oscar as some of my favorite sources of sounds.

Drummachines like the Linn 9000 and Roland 808 was about to take my taste into other directions.

In my opinion most MC´s or Rappers sounded poor, there was to little character compared to the Jamaican MC´s. They where also called DJ´s.

There was loads of songs with rap, and many to this day classic but it would take
many years before I felt seriously about a MC (Master Of Cermony). Or should I say someone who said something that ment something.

Music became more and more something a DJ would control, but now it was a totally diffrent one than the traditional DJ. The new DJ made music while playing a set and it involved scratchin´.

With this came the search for "Breaks", a section where the song breaks into a part where the drummer goes off. As a DJ you needed two of each record to keep the break alive.

I consider it a gift to been able to collect The Ultimate Breaks And Beats on the recordcompany Streetbeats.

If it wasn´t for the DJ how would we know about music?

Even myself I had some great moments in a club,rave or just by listening
to radio.

The only thing that I don´t really understand is all the categories of
music in general. As far as my taste in music or the tunnes played by Dj´s they usually have a foundation of a groove or rhythm together with a bassline.

Some songs contains soundscapes others vocals in certain tone or key.
Sometimes music sounds sad or happy.

Maybe a poor example but I find songs from diffrent cultures havin´pretty
much the same atmosphere when for an example the message is "love".

Even the "blues" come in certain colours and some people say that you never
played the blues if you haven´t had a toothache.

I feel sorry for the people who never gave dancemusic in general a chance.

Like when we who started collecting breaks stripped down the rest of the elements,
and found ourself listening to a new genre.
The beauty in House and Techno that continued the pulse of us humans since birth.
Usually when a DJ play music he plays dance music. The tempo or bpm just guides
you thru the emmotions and vibes that the recording presents during that moment.

Dance music is usually instrumental,wich opens up more space to expand in a
individualls mind during dancing.

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