tisdag 22 december 2009

The Beginning Of The End Part.2

I was also supposed to research about the beats culture coming from the labels like Mo´Wax but I never even got an answer to my calls, strange.
Acid-jazz was the name of Jazz that worked on dancefloors and this mixture with Drum and Bass made me travel and do guest appearances at legendary Giant Step in New York and
The Mambo Inn in London.

Thanks: Gerry, Rita, Dj Swingsett and Lion.

There has always been a big problem with venues around Stockholm and it is sad
to say that racial, both against music and people are common

It was hard times in the mid 90´s for our movement of people who joined us on the
journey of music. Venues closed down, bad rumours where spread that I stopped Dj and
even the gunshots outside Sture Compagniet gave a bitter taste.

Remember on time when I had to bring in Goldie & Aswad the backway
cause the bouncers didn´t wanna let em in !

I had been spinning for a few years close to this venue at Köket och en Bar.
Thanks to Stephan Grieder (Svek Records) me and Damon Frost had a little groovy little bar jumpin

During daytime I was in a recordstore called Disc where I was left empty handed
with financial problems that later was discovered not being my problems at all.
But is was too late, I had taken loans trying to save what was left.
Many thanks: Mette Uccer

I took the backcatalouge to another recordstore, Planet Rhythm and it was here where I met
Cari Lekebusch again. He had his Hybrid Productions office and studio in the basement.
Adam Beyer and Jesper Dahlbäck was also workin in this store that sold House,Techno and with me on board even Drum and Bass.
The owner Glen Wilson probably to this day is pissed on me cause I payed all invoices
to my knowledge and to my contacts before the closing of Planet Rhythm.
Many thanks: Chris Parkinson

Fastfood was my and our sanctuary.

It was born during a time when Lollipop did is entry out by Lida.
A massive festival where we saw Fabio, LTJ Bukem alongside Ray Keith in Sweden for
the first time.

Johan Ressle had contacted me knowing my deep interest in dancemusic. We decided
to check this “fantastic” venue out.
The address sounded weird and my first intuition was right it was a “fastfood” restaurant.
Since I knew that the selection we both represented it would be worth a try any ways.

I asked Jonas “J” Sissokho to be part of the mission as a front figure and we decided
to involve new and upcoming Dj´s.
We made a strong and consisting crew with the following people:
Norman Bates, Steel and Bruce Leenus ( legendary dj who always helped us).

A club was born with one night playin drum and bass and Johan Ressle dropping
the deepest of housemusic.

A good sound and total remake of the venue had us presenting artist like:
Doc Scott, The Architex and J-Majik.

Seba and I knew each others already from time and we played often side by side at clubs or made music.

Around 1997 I was invited by my close friend Aasmo “Dj Alimo” Soivio to dj
in Helsinki and Finland. His Beats And Styles imprint was successful with their
nights mixin up with local dj´s and topnames from abroad.

He also introduced me to the great scen in Estonia where I met another great
source of inspiration Raul Saaremeets.

My last attempt to get the music to surface was at Gamla Stans Bryggerier.

The idea was to present as many of the people who I knew wouldn´t let me down.
We had some marvelous nights with guest´s as: Johan Ressle, Subject 13, Rob Playford,
Stanley (the soulman), Way Past Cool, Peter Major (Opolopo), Fabio and the late Kemistry with Storm.

I´ve done the whole 360 degress race and today I sometimes wonder is it worth it?

I have lost friends (some tragically in accidents) others just walked on.
There´s faces that I never will forget both from dancefloors and on the way home.
Time and space have made me met fantastic artist like; Gil Scott Heron, Weldon Irvine,
Gangstarr (Keith),Janne Shaffer, Steve Coleman, Chaka Khan, Ray Baretto, War
, Tiger,Cutty Ranks, Cleveland Watkiss, Larry Heard and all of the above and even more.

Where live music was needed I consulted every thing from; Art Ensemble Of Chicago,The Roots, The Blackalicious, Metalheadz and friends like Peanut Planet(Seba, Lotek and MC Sandor).

Many thanks:

Some of the amazing people before oldschool; Micke Goulos , Thomas Gylling and a mohikan brother Dj Sydney deserves some great respect also.

To all the African Centres who hosted great parties and people like Ahmadu Jarr , Melvyn Price, Henry Gibson, Marque Gilmore and even Billy who let the drum talk.

Blessings to all the dancers and vibe providers.

To my mum who got me that turntable.

To Dj Rock Ski who twisted my neck into musicproduction.

Internet for givin me the chance to spread my mixes and these words.



Seba for givin me a go for oldtime sake again.

For you who came down all the way here.

Much Love. K

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  1. Big up, Krazy-mannen! Jag fattade aldrig att du hamnade i ekonomisk knipa pga Disc. Min lösning i det läget var att kontakta mamma o pops Padrick i Manhattan Beach. De hade löst ut dig med, I'm sure. Du får inte vara rädd att räcka ut en hand... Much love / Robban

  2. Jag har haft en ekonomisk kris hela livet...lol

    Much Love. K